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Testimonials About the Founder

"I enthusiastically recommend Yolanda Chase. She is a dynamic, highly effective diversity and inclusion practitioner able to strategically lead complex, global initiatives. Her passion and commitment to Inclusion are unsurpassed. In addition she is a joy,  always incredibly positive and delightful to work with."

Sara Taylor, President and Founder, deepSEE Consulting

"As a leading international festival that focuses on ideas, art and culture, the Biennial of the Americas serves as a catalyst for innovation and excellence across North, South and Central America. As part of the board, Yolanda has persistently and continuously advocated for greater inclusion and equity in our partnerships, operations and programming. She holds Biennial staff and board members to a high standard of commitment to cultural diversity, as well as honoring diversity in thought and perspectives. She challenges us to be better and do better, always leading with empathy and grace. I am grateful for her service, and her impact on creating a better, stronger organization.”

Mike Fries, CEO Liberty Global and Board Chair, Biennial of the Americas 




"I had the good fortune to work with Yolanda several years ago. As my Director at the time, Yolanda was a great mentor for me and I was able to clearly witness her passion for diversity and inclusion in the workplace in every HR project she touched. Her ethical standards helped me determine the kind of HR leader I wanted to be as well. It is not often you find a such a talented HR professional who not only talks the talk, but walks the walk. If you are seeking a dynamic leader who is truly passionate about what she does, you can trust Yolanda to  help you achieve your goals."


Robin Lears, Human Resources Director

"Yolanda is an inspiration to me. She is a powerhouse in the DEI field, with deep expertise matched with the ability to effect meaningful and sustainable change. Yolanda is a powerful speaker and storyteller who will bring you to tears, instill new knowledge and ways of seeing, and inspire action. More importantly, she has the proven track record for rolling up her sleeves when it comes to both strategy and execution in ways that go deep beyond the surface. Any organization lucky enough to benefit from her passion, wisdom and light will become better for it.


Karyn Lu, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Leader

"Yolanda Chase is one of the most dedicated members of our Board of Directors; she is engaged, thoughtful and strategic! Her support and leadership has had an immense impact on our organization and to myself as a leader. She has positively led a number of initiatives and is always one of the first to volunteer her time and resources. Additionally, Yolanda has been instrumental in her guidance to support and grow our efforts and programming around Global Inclusiveness and Cultural Exchange."

FloraJane DiRienzo, Executive Director, Biennial of the Americas

“Yolanda is one of the best managers I’ve had the privilege of working with, in more than 20 years’ experience in corporate communications and diversity, equity & inclusion program development. In leading diversity and inclusion functions, Yolanda lends a visionary and strategic approach to ensure that programs  deliver measurable outcomes that add value to the business. She courageously and effectively communicates the value of the work to decision-makers. More importantly, people enjoy working with her, because her collaborative approach makes people feel heard, seen and valued for their perspectives and contributions.” 


Maileen Hamto, Global Inclusion & Diversity Program Manager

Workshop Testimonials

Girl Gazing

Nimol Hem, Director of First-Generation and Multicultural Business Programs

University of Colorado Denver Business School

“This is a must-do DEI training for organizational leaders at every level of organizations that are serious about moving the dial on improving DEI efforts.”

Joy Erven, MBA

Chief Operating Officer and Chief Cultural Officer, The Surplus Line

“The Diversity Way-Maker course was a game-changer on my journey to lead and educate on DEI efforts. The class content was relevant and easy to understand. Yolanda’s straightforward, energetic teaching style really inspired me. I can’t wait to put some of her practices into place in my association.” 

People Manager, Nonprofit Agency

“This was my first in-person workshop since 2019. It refueled my passions to be a change agent.Thank you for teaching me so much more about DEI, the 12 explicit competencies and reminding me that it’s OK to fail.”

Managing Director, Financial Institution

“The facilitation was exceptional. When someone had an important question or scenario to process, Yolanda knew each of our names and remembered details about each of us. It was a personalized experience to be part of the workshop. Thank you!”

Sheritta A. Strong, M.D.

Assistant Vice Chancellor of Inclusion, University of Nebraska Medical Center

“As a confident challenger, I will use the (Diversity Way-Maker) competencies to become more effective at transformational change and becoming an unconventional norm disruptor.”


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