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Join the Diversity Way-Maker™ Movement

"I Shall Not Stand Idly By." 


Pledge of the Way-Maker: I Shall Not Stand Idly By

  1. Be fearless and obedient to the cause and calling on your life. Relentlessly pursue unconventional solutions the boost inclusion.

  2. Speak truth to power/action Use data and organizational key strengths to ignite change.

  3. Challenge the status quo. Seek, find, and call out inequities where they fester.

What you can do

  1. Commit to learning the required skills, build awareness and action plan around addressing the needs of the underrepresented, disadvantaged, and marginalized with equity being the end in mind.

  2. Identify then push for solutions that are deemed unorthodox for your organization or industry.

  3. Get creative in your top down/bottom up approach towards crafting a culture where all carry a sense of belonging.

What executives and leaders can do

  1. Adopt the Diversity Way-Maker competency as one essential to your executive leadership team.

  2. Commit to assessing then reforming your workplace systems to identify where structural inequities are thwarting inclusion and growth for diverse populations.

  3. Require that inclusion competencies exist or are developed in leaders of people and hold them accountable for exhibiting those behaviors.

Interested in learning more? Contact us to discuss the Diversity, Inclusion, Equity and Belonging Way-Maker movement, and how it can benefit your organization.

 Diversity Way-Maker™ is the pathway through challenge and complacency. They lead to achieve real systemic change.

For difficult yet life-changing work, we need more leaders who are willing to offer their weird habit of expressing care for humanity, to provide a peculiar or quirky expression of how essential inclusion, diversity, belonging and equity is to all of us, our businesses, employees and the communities we serve. Someone who can be obedient to the call for uncomfortable conversations that sometimes lead to deafening silence at the executive meeting and in the boardroom. Actively choosing to challenge stereotypes, fight bias, broaden perceptions, improve situations, celebrate achievements, and expanding the definition of diversity to include and uplift the underrepresented and marginalized.

I believe behavioral innovation is what’s needed to move the dial in this purposeful work, satisfying the longing for a ground break/breakthrough;  I say what’s needed are leaders who exhibit bold resolute and an appetite for calculated risk-taking.

Diversity Way-Maker™– the idiosyncratic, the unusual, deviant from the norm at that highest organizational level leading innovation.

Way-Makers are the leaders and enthusiasts in the areas of diversity,  equity, and inclusion who advocate for right action in the organizations and communities they serve. They fearlessly and tirelessly challenge the status quo to implement actions that drive systemic change. Way-Makers position themselves, and are viewed as, trusted advisors, thought leaders, innovators, and keepers of the non-conventional.

Executives recognize that the Way-Maker’s superpower is essential to their leadership team, and, accept that with their presence comes uncomfortable conversations that will challenge others introspectively…their norms, beliefs and implicit biases to be openly discussed, acknowledged, then worked on; eradicating that dynamic from decision making, leaving them enlightened and open to accept groundbreaking concepts that advance deeply meaningful and impactful work.

When I dream about organizations that succeed in the space of Inclusion, belonging, equity, equality – I dream of a corporate world where Way-Makers are viewed as essential to the business.  The quantitative and qualitative returns on the investment are not realized without one (or many). But we are faced with a deep challenge that go beyond EBIDT, profit margins, and balance sheets – it lies deep in the mindsets of decision makers and leaders. How will we ever ignite the deep sustainable change ? Way-Makers can make all the difference even in the most difficult environments.

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