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Empower Yourself to Bridge the Digital Skills Divide and Create a More Inclusive Workforce

An innovative new education opportunity from Diversity Way-Maker™ supports leaders to radically shift their beliefs and behaviors around diversity, equity, and inclusion to help them transform their company’s culture from the top down.

Diversity Way-Maker™ have come together to bring you a new leadership education opportunity that can help you more effectively lead cross-culturally, advance equitable and inclusive cultures, and develop and audit inclusive business processes and practices through a lens of diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI).

Foundations for the Diversity Way-Maker™ is an eight-week, self-paced course that is like no other leadership training program because it is uniquely designed to help executives and managers in charge of building, developing, and motivating diverse teams. Powered by DeVry University, with exclusive course content from Diversity Way-Maker™, this program supports leaders in acquiring and applying leadership competencies focused on integrating DEI into their leadership approach and every aspect of business operations.

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What Makes This Different From Other DEI Programs?

In many organizations, DEI initiatives tend to focus on the basics of understanding systemic racism. Foundations for the Diversity Way-Maker™ is so much more. It’s a ground-breaking training that supports a dramatic shift in behavior and mindset, enabling leaders to drive real, tangible DEI outcomes and change in their organizations.

This course introduces the inclusive mindset that must first be cultivated then grounded through a desire to leverage personal values when crafting strategies for humanitarian or social justice work. Through the gifts we possess as humans, the spirit of diversity, equity, and inclusion lives and thrives as our true selves. What makes the Diversity Way-Maker™ approach different from other DEI leadership frameworks is that we put self-examination front and center of equity-focused leadership competencies.

In this course, we provide tools to identify and leverage your personal values so you may effectively contribute to the cultural dynamics that empower people leaders to be a driving force for sustainable change in an organization.

And you don’t have to go it alone. The course also includes a mentorship component, where leaders can connect with DEI subject matter experts, get feedback on course submissions and participate in mentor-moderated discussion threads, and connect with mentors in real-time via an online messaging system.

Human-Centered Values

From a pragmatic perspective, we know that lasting change is only possible when top leaders are fully invested in and committed to the shifts that need to happen within their organization. To truly accomplish this, a person must explore their own core values and beliefs about equity and justice.


Most importantly, we understand the immense difficulty of this work and how it can drain and deplete one’s resolve to make way for meaningful change. We developed a model of soft power skills, coping mechanisms, and evidence- and performance-based competencies as they intersect with personal well-being and collective mindfulness integrations. Developing these competencies is essential to the advancement of DEI initiatives in support of a flourishing bottom line.

What Results Can I Expect?

Potential outcomes may include:

✔ Understanding foundational Diversity Way-Maker™ concepts to prepare participants for continuous learning and application of equity-focused leadership competencies.

✔ Connecting personal experiences and values to the DWM model.
✔ Developing strategies for dealing with resistance in spheres of influence to enable effective execution of diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives.
✔ Connecting to high-value competencies: human-centered leadership values necessary for advancing and sustaining equity and inclusion within organizations.
✔ Developing tools to drive cultural transformation within organizations.
✔ Identifying spaces and relationships that contribute to equity and justice.
✔ Developing strategies for thriving and continuous renewal.
✔ Understanding why certain words we use to describe concepts like racism, white supremacy, privilege, and others ignite certain reactions.
✔ Committing to disrupting systemic inequities within spheres of organizational influence.
✔ Drafting personal Diversity Way-Maker™ purpose statements to kick-start intentions.
✔ Designing first action steps to implement upon completion of this course.

“This is a must-do DEI training for organizational leaders at every level of organizations that are serious about moving the dial on improving DEI efforts.”

Director of First-Generation and Multicultural Business Programs University Business School

Imagine the positive impact you could make in your organization as the virtues of DEI begin to permeate your mindset, then your culture.

Now, envision the long-term, lasting effects of a thriving, diverse workforce: thoughtful innovation, higher productivity, improved creativity, and a culture where teams made up of individuals from varied backgrounds are inspired to collaborate and all employees feel included, seen, and valued.

Price: $1,750.00

*Special Rates for small businesses, active duty military, and nonprofit organizations. To learn more, contact

Empower yourself to lead the workforce of the future!

Not quite ready to enroll and need more information, contact

The Diversity Way-Maker™ is recognized by SHRM to offer Professional Development Credits (PDCs) for SHRM-CP® or SHRM-SCP® recertification activities.

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