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Diversity Way-Maker™ Services

Diversity Consultation

As seasoned Human Resources leaders, our consultants, coaches, and facilitators have first-hand experience and knowledge of challenges and opportunities of an organization’s inclusion and diversity journey. Our expertise in strategic diversity planning can help your organization establish the foundation upon which to build large-scale and long-lasting programs that are designed to improve engagement, climate and culture. We provide guidance for systems assessment, benchmarking, competency models, training leaders, program development, and more.


 Leadership Development
Diversity Way-Maker Blended Learning Experience

Through the gifts we possess as humans, the spirit of diversity, equity, and inclusion lives and thrives as our true selves. What makes Diversity Way-Maker™ approach different from other DEI leadership frameworks is that we put self-examination front and center of equity-focused leadership competencies.


The "Foundations for the Diversity Way-Maker™" workshop allows leaders to explore their own core values and beliefs about equity and justice. From a pragmatic perspective, we know that lasting change is only possible when top leaders are fully invested in and committed to the changes that need to happen within their organization.

Most importantly, we understand the immense difficulty of this work and how it can drain and deplete one’s resolve toward making way for meaningful change. We developed a model of soft power skills, coping mechanisms and evidence- and performance-based competencies as they intersect with personal well-being and collective mindfulness integrations.

Speaking Engagements

Yolánda Chase is available to serve in a keynote or panel capacity for a wide array of speaking engagements about driving change through diversity, equity and inclusion. With a wealth of experience in various business settings, she offers practical tools and strategies for inspiring lasting cultural change and creating inclusive and diverse teams and workplaces. 

Potential keynote topics:

  • Becoming a Diversity Way-Maker™

  • Strategic diversity 

  • Transforming culture through a diversity lens

  • Inclusive leadership 

  • Women in leadership / Women of color in leadership

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