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Adrienne Lawson


Leadership Coach (She/They)

Dr. Adrienne Lawson is a native of Los Angeles, California. As a senior consultant, Dr. Adrienne Lawson is a strategic and innovative thinker, influencer and negotiator. For many years, she has served as a DEI coach and consultant for institutionwide climate, culture, and equity programs.


Adrienne previously served as Director for the Institutional Culture/Climate and Community Engagement Office for Equity, Diversity & Inclusion, UC Davis Health System. She currently works as the Senior DEI Director for a social enterprise nonprofit based in Roseville, California. Her educational accomplishments include a BA in Sociology with a minor in Criminology from San Jose State; an MA in Bilingual Multicultural Education and in 2011 she completed her doctoral degree in Educational Leadership & Policy Studies, both from California State University, Sacramento. Her research interests include: equity/social change, institutional racism, cultural and language diversity and inclusion, gender and difference, role-modeling/mentorship, faculty, staff, and student diversity. She has facilitated a host of life skills and college workshops. In addition, she has been the keynote speaker at numerous community events for women and youth. 

Adrienne serves as a strategic partner in guiding data analysis, stakeholder engagement, and strategic plan development process.

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